Pizzeria Casa Nostra

Artisan style pizza

What does artisan style mean? Our pizza is fresh, flavorful, and hand-made with strong, crispy crust that won't flop around as you move it from the plate to your mouth.

With one of only 3 Forza Forni Bistro-Twister ovens in Texas, we're (almost) one of a kind.

These historic Italian ovens are authentic with boutique style service. The Bistro Twister features the world's only rotating monoblock refractory oven floor, which provides incredible even heat transfer and retention. Say goodbye to hot & cold spots, and enjoy the perfect bake.

Our family has been in the restaurant game for a combined 60 years

We have a passion for serving food made from high quality ingredients that will leave you wanting to come back for more. We specialize in Artisan style pizza with techniques and recipes straight from Italy.